General Terms

These guidelines are designed to ensure the TrainingZone community is an enjoyable, inspiring and safe one for all our members. They come down to common sense, courtesy and respect (for your hosts and the rest of the community).

If you don't agree with them, we won’t take it personally, and nor should you if we need to suggest TrainingZone might not be for you.

When we say 'We', we mean TrainingZone and Sift Media, who are the Publishers of TrainingZone. When we say 'the site' we mean

We may update these guidelines and recommend you check back once in a while. Any new community features we introduce to the site will fall under these guidelines.

What do these rules cover?
Our community rules and moderation policy apply to any area of the TrainingZone site where you might post comments, threads or contribute in any other way.

What is Discuss?
Discuss is a place for members to post questions relevant to TrainingZone for other members to answer. For example 'How do you do X?' All members are free to respond to the question(s) appropriately and relevantly.

Basic rules:

  • Discuss and TrainingZone blogs/comments are not a place to advertise or promote your own services. Please also refrain from posting questions such as 'What do you think of my company/website?'
  • Answers and comments must not include self-promotional content which is not relevant to the original post.
  • Members who post information about their own company/business in Discuss or within comments on stories unnecessarily will be asked to desist. A warning or ban from the site may follow.
  • We expect members to behave appropriately and sensitively at all times and never to post comments which are knowingly offensive.
  • Bad language will not be tolerated at all. If you can’t make a point without swearing, then please do not submit a post or comment. This includes self-censored language (e.g. use of asterisks to mask words).
  • Deliberately inflammatory comments about sex, age, race, religion or politics, or any other derogatory or personal attacks will not be tolerated, and any attempts by members to deliberately provoke another member on these grounds will result in a temporary ban and the original thread being removed to allow TrainingZone time to investigate the nature and context of the comment(s).
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