Editorial themes 2024

Throughout the year, TrainingZone will offer learning and development (L&D) professionals access to fresh evidence, tangible guidance and thought-provoking opinion on how to navigate corporate learning and development in 2024 and beyond.

We welcome guest contributions from leading learning practitioners and experts, providing the content is aligned with one of our themes and content types. You can get a snapshot of these on this page, or scroll to the bottom and click on the link to see our full 2024 editorial plan, with inspirational article ideas, guidelines on content types and more.

Our core topics for 2024

We no longer focus on monthly themes or forward features. We publish relevant, fresh content throughout the year on the following topics related to the people profession.

  • L&D on a budget

    Through economic hardships, L&D is often top of the list for cutbacks. Learning professionals must be prepared for this challenge and respond quickly or risk halting crucial development plans. We are looking for features that explore why L&D teams are the first to fall, how to build the case for protecting L&D investment, and creative ways to deliver budget-friendly learning.

  • Inclusion and social mobility in L&D

    Beyond the narrow lens of DEI training delivery, learning professionals should consider the inclusivity of all learning opportunities, while also holding up the mirror to assess the L&D team’s inclusivity itself. To help learning leaders develop and implement a meaningful strategy, we are looking for actionable guidance focused on a specific area of this sprawling issue.

  • Personal learning vs business needs

    There has always been a big divide that separates L&D: learning to fulfil specific business needs and learning for the love of learning. Both are hugely important, but can often seem at odds. We are looking for content that considers this dichotomy that exists within L&D and analyses how a more harmonious approach can be taken.

  • Leadership and management development

    When developing leaders, the question of business skills over human skills is always going to arise. Very few leaders have an abundance of both, and more often than not, it is the human element most missing and hardest to train. We are looking for content that questions archaic or nonsensical leadership approaches (such as the Peter Principle) whilst offering up potential solutions.

  • Psychology and neuroscience in learning

    Understanding the mindset, behaviour and neuroscience of learners – and their subsequent impact on desire, ability and capacity to learn – will enable us to maximise L&D effectiveness. It is also necessary to consider the importance of human (soft) skills within the business, and how these skills differ in training requirements compared with others. We are looking for topics that consider the learner as a complex human first, whilst examining how neuro and behavioural science can improve training and learning.

  • Reskilling and elevating L&D leaders

    In what has been an exceptionally tough period for L&D, it is more important than ever for learning leaders to assess their skills gaps and build up their capabilities to ensure they can demonstrate their worth to the business. We are looking for tips, strategies and insights on how leaders within the profession can best elevate themselves and the industry as a whole.

  • Building powerful partnerships

    Savvy L&D folk are in the thick of it, getting to know the different challenges and strengths across teams and how L&D can add value. They are focused on business needs and how a unified approach can attract, retain and grow talent in the best way possible. We are looking for guidance on how to build strong bonds with the likes of recruitment, onboarding, benefits, leadership and marketing departments to bolster L&D value and build credibility.

  • Progressive talent pathways

    We are looking for content that ignites a progressive approach to career development. We want to offer our readers practical guidance on how to nurture a culture of learning, build agile talent pathways and marketplaces, and provide dynamic, inclusive development opportunities.

  • The future of L&D technology
    L&D professionals will need to pay closer attention to tech and AI development or risk getting left behind. We are looking for content that will offer relevant and useful guidance for a variety of L&D resources and budgets on staying ahead of the game when it comes to technology. 

Seasonal and current trends

We also welcome article pitches that focus on seasonal trends and current affairs such as:

  • Updates to skills and education legislation
  • State of economy / finance-related affairs
  • Skills shortages

For more details on what we're looking for (and what we're NOT looking for) from guest articles, click on the link below.

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