Forward Features 2017

We don’t operate a standard forward features list of monthly themes because we are online-only. If an article is fresh, insightful and interesting to our audience, we will post it.

As a site for learning & training professionals, we are mostly concerned with how we can help L&D prepare for the future of work and how L&D can solve modern workplace challenges.

Basically, if an article can help L&D do their jobs better with insight and advice, we’re interested.

We have some regular content series which you might be interested in contributing to, which include:

  • A Day in the Life of - L&D practitioners explain how they approach their work & daily challenges
  • For/Against - 2 industry experts give their opposing views on a key issue, eg. learning styles, millennials, appraisals...
  • L&D After Dark - Anonymous submissions for annoyances or criticisms of the L&D industry 
  • Academics Corner - Academics write about their latest research and its implications for HR and L&D professionals

We will also be focusing on some key topics throughout the year - here's a sneak peek:

  • January - Family-friendly organisations
  • February - Social media (skills gap, collaboration, PLNs)
  • March - Mental Health (resilience, conversations, role of line managers & organisations)
  • April - Gig Economy (how to support employees, enabling collaboration, development needs)
  • May - Skills Gap (training needs analysis, education, strategies to identify gaps)
  • June - Engagement (employee voice, for/against ENPS, surveys, onboarding)
  • July - Culture (communication, values, employer brand)
  • August - Diversity (inclusion, for/against quotas, dealing with discrimination, LGBT, equality)
  • September - Leadership (skills, development, recruitment, creating autonomy, innovation)

If you're really stuck, some features we're looking to commission for early 2017 are:

  • Team engagement ideas
  • Learning design & UX
  • Collaborative working & PLNs
  • Spaced learning
  • Authorship & content in learning
  • Wellbeing indicators: the master list
  • Wellbeing and wellness: what’s the difference?
  • Spiritual wellbeing at work: how to do it right
  • How can you embed language learning at work?
  • Case studies around learning strategies & groups
  • Reviews of L&D industry events & books
  • Encouraging individual learning in and outside of work
  • Top tools & resources for L&D professionals
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