Forward Features 2019

We don’t operate a standard forward features list of monthly themes because we are online-only. If an article is fresh, insightful and interesting to our audience, we will post it.

As a site for learning & training professionals, we are mostly concerned with how we can help L&D prepare for the future of work and how L&D can solve modern workplace challenges.

Basically, if an article can help L&D do their jobs better with insight and advice, we’re interested.

We will also be focusing on the following key topics throughout the year:

  • January: Emotional intelligence in the workplace
    Emotional intelligence is set to be one of the most important skill sets required in our technology-driven workplace. How can L&D help bolster the emotional skills of employees to enable them and the business to thrive? Sub-themes: neuroscience, relationship intelligence, empathy, social skills, self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation.

  • February: Learning in a digital age
    How can learning professionals build a successful L&D agenda in an age of digital transformation? And which technologies are gaining traction amongst the early adopters of L&D technology? Sub-themes: AI, curation, learning experience platforms, video, VR, gamification, learning analytics, micro learning, mobile, collaborative technologies,adaptive learning, social.

  • March: The changing role of L&D
    With mounting pressure on L&D to upskill entire workforces, learning professionals need to experiment, take risks and create fresh approaches as they navigate through changing times and seek to transform the industry. Sub-themes: digital transformation, AI and machine learning, curation, user-centred design, analytics, new skills, innovation, influencing stakeholders, challenges & opportunities

  • April: Soft skills
    In the drive to equip tomorrow’s workforce with the tools they need for the future, the development of soft skills needs to be prioritised. Sub-themes: soft skills versus digital skills, emotional intelligence, soft skills for millennials, 

  • May: Learning analytics
    Today’s learning practitioners are beginning to put analytics into practice to help prove the effectiveness and value of learning solutions. How can L&D teams get ready to begin their learning analytics journey? Sub-themes: strategy, practical applications, data and analytics skills, ROI, learning impact

  • June:  Learning culture
    Continuous, self-directed learning is essential for companies to remain competitive in today's fast-moving business environment. Sub-themes: motivation, reward, technology, new approaches, future skills, neuroscience.

  • July/August: Learning transfer
    While employers put time, money and effort into delivering learning solutions for their workforce, they often neglect measuring the extent to which learning has been applied. With businesses facing an ever-widening skills gap, it is of increasing importance to pay greater attention to the learning transfer problem. Sub-themes: motivation, reflection, practical applications, measuring impact. 

  • September: Leadership skills and development
    To be successful in an era of rapid technological advancement, we need leaders to hone new skills and adopt different behaviours. Sub-themes: soft skills, resilience, technology, wellbeing, strategy, agility.

  • October: Neuroscience and learning
    Neuroscience can offer fascinating insights into how and why people learn, and give us a better idea of how to keep learners engaged and motivated. By getting familiar with the basics of neuroscience and learning, L&D practitioners can sense-check their training and create more brain-friendly solutions. Sub-themes: Brain-friendly learning styles, techniques and strategies.

  • November/December: A look to 2020
    What trends are around the corner? And what lessons can we learn from 2019? Sub-themes: future trends, new conversations, reflections on 2019.
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