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As a site for learning and development professionals, we are mostly concerned with how we can help L&D prepare for the future of work and solve modern workplace challenges.

If an article is fresh, insightful and interesting to our audience, we will consider posting it, regardless of whether it fits into our monthly themes, and especially if it ties in with our overarching theme for 2020, which is...

Business-aligned learning

In our 2019 TrainingZone readership survey, our audience told us that their top challenge is better aligning learning with business performance. To better support our readership with this transition, TrainingZone’s overarching theme for 2020, which will feed into our monthly content hubs, is business-aligned learning.

Through our 2020 content, we aspire to support practitioners in their endeavour to create a learning offering with greater value for both the organisation and its people. 

Our monthly themes are as follows:

  • January: Learning innovations
    As we head into the New Year, we explore some of the latest technologies, strategies and models designed to help L&D prepare employees for the future of work.

  • February: Learning analytics
    This collation of articles from experts in the learning analytics space will help L&D teams begin or continue their journey towards better measuring the impact of learning and acting on the findings to help meet business objectives.

  • March: Business-aligned learning
    With mounting pressure on L&D to upskill entire workforces, learning professionals need to bring themselves closer to the business to help it reach its goals. This hub will support practitioners in making this transition, with guidance on how to offer greater value for both the organisation and its people.

  • April-May: Learning and development in a crisis
    As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to escalate and businesses work hard to keep moving forward where possible, TrainingZone will offer guidance and insights on shifting to remote learning and coaching.

  • June: Flexible learning
    With flexible learning now a business imperative in these turbulent times, this hub will offer resources and insights on how to create a more flexible learning offering and support learners with becoming agile, taking ownership of their development and being self-motivated to learn.

  • July: Learning culture
    Expert advice and the latest practical tips and tools to help foster a thriving learning organisation.

  • August: The future L&D leader
    Targeted towards L&D professionals aspiring to rise up the ranks in L&D leadership, this content hub will offer tips and strategies for developing the skills required to thrive as a senior L&D leader in an ever-evolving industry.

  • September: L&D strategy
    As planning begins for 2021, L&D professionals will receive guidance in this hub on how to create a more robust and impactful learning and development strategy that aligns with business performance.

  • October: Coaching
    Insights on how to fully harness the potential of coaching as a core component of L&D's strategy.

  • November: Leadership skills and development 
    L&D professionals have an important role to play in supporting current and future leaders. This advice-led hub will offer new tips, strategies and models for developing better leaders.

  • December: 2021 trends
    A round up of reflections from 2020, and a look ahead to 2021 trends.
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