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As a site for learning and development professionals, we are mostly concerned with how we can help L&D better prepare and support organisations with solving today's workplace challenges.

If an article is fresh, insightful and interesting to our audience, we will consider posting it, regardless of whether it fits into our monthly themes, and especially if it ties in with our overarching theme for 2022, which is...

Business-aligned learning

With mounting pressure on L&D to upskill and reskill entire workforces, learning professionals need to bring themselves closer to the business to help it reach its goals.

To better support our readership with this challenge, TrainingZone’s overarching theme for 2022 – business-aligned learning – will play a prominent role across our monthly areas of focus, with useful guidance and strategies for creating an L&D offering with extensive organisational value.

Our monthly themes are as follows:

  • January: 2022 trends, predictions and guidance
    As we embark on a new year, TrainingZone will bring insights and guidance from L&D experts on key priorities and challenges in 2022, and how to evolve the profession to provide greater impact to the business and its learners.

  • February: Learning culture
    We now know how vital it is for employees to have the drive and motivation to continuously learn new skills aligned to business needs. But shaping a culture where people can learn, adapt and grow within an organisation takes hard work and patience. This content hub offers expert guidance and insights for the learning professionals who are nurturing a learning culture in adverse times.

  • March: Reskilling in an unstable world
    For organisations to adapt and grow in today’s unpredictable landscape, their workforce must have the tools, capabilities and mindset to drive the business through adversity. This is where a robust reskilling strategy comes in. In this hub, we will bring together real world insights and practical takeaways on creating agile talent pathways, boosting internal mobility and reskilling workforces to support business needs.

  • April: Human-centred leadership and management
    In the new era of unpredictability and complexity, organisations need human-centred executives and managers to ensure both businesses and employees can bring sustainable success. This collation of articles will explore this new era of leadership and management development, and how L&D can navigate the shift in skills, behaviours and actions needed to foster this new approach.

  • May: Hybrid learning 
    In 2021, many organisations began the hybrid working – and therefore hybrid learning – experiment. Now in 2022, it’ll be time to assess the model, iron out the kinks and iterate to create a better experience for your learners.

  • June: Diversity and inclusion in L&D
    L&D teams have the potential to play a far more impactful role in workplace diversity and inclusion. To help learning leaders develop and implement a meaningful D&I strategy, this hub will explore topics such as inclusive onboarding, the potential dangers of mandatory D&I training and how flexible learning can bolster inclusion.

  • July & August: Coaching culture

    Coaching has played a vital role in helping leaders and employees alike navigate increasingly complex and unpredictable environments. This collation of tips, strategies and expert insights will help L&D professionals accelerate and innovate their coaching offering.

  • September: Learning in the flow of work
    According to the LPI, the top challenge for L&D professionals is embedding learning into the flow of work. This hub will share expert guidance and opinion on how to create seamless learning experiences that are seen as part of a regular working routine for employees rather than an unwelcome interruption.

  • October: Learning strategy
    As we edge towards the end of the year it’s an important time for learning leaders to review the effectiveness of their current L&D strategy and consider plans to evolve their approach in 2023. This collation of articles will offer guidance on the rigour, agility and best practice needed to refresh an organisation’s learning strategy to ensure it aligns to business goals.

  • November: Reskilling and elevating L&D leaders
    In what has been an exceptionally tough period for L&D, it is more important than ever for learning leaders to assess their skills gaps and build up their capabilities to ensure they can demonstrate their worth to the business. This content hub will provide tips, strategies and insights on how leaders within the profession can best elevate themselves and the industry as a whole.

  • December: 2023 trends
    What trends are around the corner? And what lessons can we learn from 2022? We will do a round up of reflections from 2021, and a look ahead to 2023 trends.
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